Melbourne Bloke Cops $9K Fine For Sending Drone To Pick Up Bunnings Snag

The deep and profound love that exists between the people of Australia and the Bunnings Warehouse weekend sausage sizzle can not be underestimated.

Indeed, entire meme-packed Facebook pages exist to celebrate this sacred bond:




With that in mind, a dude from Melbourne has just topped them all.

The bloke in question just copped a $9K fine for piloting a drone to collect a snag from his local Bunnings (just think how far that donation towards the local footy club would go, eh?)

In probably the most Aussie thing to happen ever, old m8 slipped a tenner into an envelope with instructions for the Bunnings staff to send him one of their finest sausage sangas, which they did.

The whole thing was captured on a videowhich you can watch below.

Unfortunately, it turns out there are actually rules regarding the operation of drones in Aus, and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority aren’t too stoked on this silly sausage.

A spokesman for the air safety watchdog has told Nine that his stunt potentially broke a bunch of rules including “using of a drone within 30 metres of people”, “flying in the line of sight” and “travelling over a populous area”, which could end up costing him up to $9K in fines.

The popular Facebook page Bunnings Memes has posted some commentary about the whole sitch, writing: “Fucking bullshit. $9000 snag probably worth it though.”