Adobe MAX 2016 Got Really Weird When the “Adobe Evangelist” Took the Stage

The Adobe MAX 2016 creativity conference took a strange turn earlier this week when the company’s Principal Worldwide Evangelist Jason Levine took the stage.

Jason, who appeared at Adobe MAX 2016 in order to discuss the Adobe Creative Cloud, was a little enthusiastic about the software to say the least. Showing off new Adobe Premiere Pro video editing features, Jason promptly launched into song, asking attendees to join in his mantra of “gather the crowd, shout it aloud, Creative Cloud!” With the combination of his voice and flowing locks, needless to say it all got a bit glam rock.

While a few of the new features Jason showed off during his on-stage demonstration were certainly of interest to Creative Cloud users, including the new ability to directly publish videos to YouTube and social networks, it was all overshadowed by his grandiose one-man performance. Depending upon your point of view, Jason either did his job perfectly well by making the likes of an automatic contrast tool seem interesting, or he inspired one of the most excruciatingly awkward tech conference moments in recent memory by way of forcing an auditorium of people to sing along to his Adobe song.

Either way, his 8-minute long presentation has been captured in all its glory to view below. Our personal highlights are the aforementioned sing-along at the 3:55 mark and his contrast inspired warbling at 1:20. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have our new Mr. Caffeine rival.

Check it out: