10 Ways to Find Out If One of Your Friends Is Secretly Going Vegan

Photo:  Bambu Productions (Getty)

Friendship exists out of mutual respect for one another, two people who can rely on one another in times of distress, value one another’s opinions and trust them when the world becomes too dark to see. But when one of your friends secretly tries to go vegan on you, all bets are off, and we know exactly how to pinpoint these people. It starts small, simple, and then before you know it, Thanksgiving is all green!

We love food, as much as the guy on the run from police who decided to stop at an In-N-Out loves food, so that’s why we have to stock up on these foods before they go away forever. And that is also why we have to be aware of these warning signs.

So find out some common tell signs that your best friend might be going vegan and not telling you. There’s a reason they don’t tell you (they know they won’t be invited to Thanksgiving).

10 Ways To Find Out If One Of Your Friends Is Secretly Going Vegan

So keep those eyes open, and make sure to find out if your friend is going vegan or not.

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