Canadians Reap Benefits Of New SoundCloud Go

SoundCloud Go, which was launched on March 29th in the US, is coming to Canada – for $9.99 a month, users can take advantage of the music streaming services.

“By subscribing, somebody gets access to the full catalogue of material we have available, which is around 135 million tracks, and growing,” said SoundCloud executive Sonia Flynn to the Vancouver Sun. “You also get an ad-free experience and can take your music offline and take in on the go wherever you happen to be. We are also introducing advertising on our free version, which gives brands that like to engage with our audience to do so directly through advertising. For people thinking about the streaming service, the diversity of music in the 135-million-track catalogue covers the whole spectrum of rock, hip hop, EDM and so on. To compare and contrast with other services, we give you the opportunity to enjoy really established artists, as well as exploring and discovering up-and-coming artists all in a one-stop experience.”

She later added, “I’m particularly excited about this launch because Canada is a really important market if you look at the world stage for creator content, and we have seen double-digit increases there,” said Flynn. “This is the next step in part of our overall contribution for creators to break through and create an audience which can certainly eventually be monetized. We want to give as much choice as possible to creators as we are a fundamentally creator-driven business model.”


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