St Martin’s Lane London – Location, Location and a (Tiny) Garden View

The St Martin’s Lane – London packs an obvious advantage over countless other hotels in the UK capital. It sits snugly in the heart of the West End – surrounded by the well-traveled reached of Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Soho. With little more than an ambitious walk, the traveler arrives at most of the city’s theater, a goodly pack of its museums or more shopping and dining options than one trip could ever cover.

So, with that in mind, all the hotel needs to do to remain a prime accommodations option or Central London is keep its operation clean and running smoothly. It could take the low road and still be successful. Fortunately for the luxury-minded luxury customer, the St Martin’s Lane – London offers enough unique flares to make a tourist’s stay within the walls a pleasant addition to London’s unique draws.

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Regardless of the room class, St Martin’s Lane – London relies on an ultra-modern interior design.  A traveler finds most London hotel opt either for that option or the alternative traditional Victorian or Jacobean-Influenced interiors for a strictly British period piece vibe. We’re talking 21st Century Euro within the St Martin’s Lane, and that keeps the vibe mellow.

That atmosphere of an urban escape is in full effect on the lower level rooms as they come with a unique feature from any centrally located urban hotel. Tiny gardens adorn those low altitude rooms and suites. OK – they’re concrete patios filled with potted plants. But, the gardens remain private, comfortable and — when London’s weather cooperates — an open air escape from the four walls of a hotel room and from the hustle of the great city outside the St Martin’s Lane.

Like many big city hotels fitting into packed metropolitan landscapes, the St Martin’s Lane makes deals with its neighborhood to provide what its space can’t hold. For example, guests can use the extensive gym next door for fitness and other active needs. On property, The Den lounge and Asia de Cuba Restaurants offer a blend of fusion and traditional cuisine. The Asia de Cuba also stands in as the hotel’s breakfast nook for the excellent free morning meals guests can include in their reservations. Finally, The Blind Spot devotes itself to mixology — making it a popular destination for London locals as well as hotel guests.

Surrounded by so much culture and top tourist territory, it would be tempting for any guest to spend minimal time in the St Martin’s Lane – London during a stay. But, the hotel’s pleasant vibes offer a prime spot to rest and recharge before taking on the capital city again.