14 Pumpkin Spice Items That Will Make You Say ‘The Hell?’

Since fall is here, we should all know about the seasonal brews, but a lot of folks (especially eager college girls) know about pumpkin spice everything. And while pumpkin spice drinks are all fine and dandy, some businesses have decided to take this all pumpkin thing a tad too far. Don’t believe me? Just check out the hoopla below:

pumpkin spice5


pumpkin spice6


pumpkin spice1


pumpkin spice7


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pumpkin spice10


pumpkin spice2


pumpkin spice12


pumpkin spice3


pumpkin spice8


pumpkin spice4       


pumpkin spice11   


pumpkin spice13


pumpkin spice9

h/t College Humor