English Gym Billboard Accused Of Fat Shaming

A gym in Derbyshire is being called out after putting up a billboard that some are saying shames heavyset people.

The 20-foot high sign promotes Fit4Less gym, and pretty much states that if aliens ever take over they will take “the fat ones first.” Check out the billboard below thanks to Natalie Harvey’s (who happens to be the founder of Combat Bully) Twitter:

Harvey also posted this Tweet:

When called out, the gym said that the billboard was supposed to be “light-hearted and humorous.” Harvey and her charity did not agree with the gym’s response, and she reached out to the supermarket that the billboard was on to have it taken down:

Fit4Less continues to defend the billboard, saying the “alien campaign” has been successful. Fit4Less also tells Daily Mail: “We certainly didn’t mean to cause offense and we care about the relationships that we build with the communities that we serve.”

“We also believe however that if we are going to reach more people as a sector then we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously and realize that if we want to attract normal people, then we need to be willing to poke fun at ourselves and our messaging is designed to do exactly that.”

Well, how do you feel about the billboard? Do you find it offensive?

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