Ever Been Catfished? 10 Reddit Users Share Surprising Stories

We scoured the Internet to find the funniest examples of people who have been “catfished” — basically luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona (Think Manti Te’o). The users of Reddit responded to a series of threads and here are 10 of the most unbelievable outcomes.

Scoping Out The Competition
My 72-year-old great aunt has a 72-year-old male Plenty of Fish profile that she uses to scope out her competition.

Ever Been Catfished?

There was a guy who was friending girls in my HS and sending creepy pm’s and hitting on all of them. A buddy of mine decided to make a fake Facebook profile to fuck with him. It took less than 24 hours for “her” to get a friend request. He spent about 10 minutes chatting before the guy asked for a nip pic. We were going to call it off then, but I whipped out my nipple and took a pic (I’m a dude, and a pretty hairy one at that). We sent the pic, and the dude started talking about how hot it was. We stopped after that, mostly because we were laughing too hard. I like to think that somewhere a dude jerked it to a pic of my hairy nipple.

Ever Been Catfished?

Mommy The Catfish
My sister and I have the suspicions our mother was a catfish. All the signs were there. The bad part was that she used my sister’s pictures. My mother had asked my sister one time how make multiple Facebook accounts, would close her laptop whenever you entered the room, kept tape over the camera on the computer, and her phone would ring all the time, but she would never answer it. My sister told me one time she was out with our mother and our mom’s phone rings. My mom’s kinda getting panicky so she asked my sister to answer it. At first my sister hesitates but agrees. She said there was a guy on the other end with a funny accent she didn’t recognize. I guess the guy started asking her random questions on what she looked like and stupidly my sister answers him. She said that the guy asked her what happened to her Irish accent. My sister said she got creeped out and hung up on the guy. Shortly after that, my sister moved out and got her own place.

Ever Been Catfished?

Keeping Tabs On The Missus
A couple years ago I was chatting with a “very good looking” guy on OKC for a bit. He would make plans with me then have to cancel because something would come up with his kid. One day I saw a pic of him on Pinterest that a friend pinned. Turns out the “very good looking” guy lived somewhere else with his wife and they had a successful blog (hence the pics). I confronted the guy about it and he said he’d join OKC to keep an eye on his ex-wife (kid’s mom) and found me in the process. He said he goal wasn’t to catfish me, but he’d already put himself in this situation with the fake account. His loss.

Curious Goth
When I was about 16 or 17, I made a fake yahoo!chat profile. I used a picture of some hot goth model, and a few faceless pics of some pale girl who was about the same size/shape. I mostly used it to get bi/lez chicks to send me pics. I also used it to fool guys into sending young curious me dick pics.

Ever Been Catfished?

Secret Admirers
I found out a few weeks ago that my pictures have been used for catfishing for over 10 years! A woman my age has been pretending to be a guy a few years younger than me and has been in an online relationship with two girls that started when they were 11 years old! This included making over 15 Facebook profiles of my family and friend’s pictures with fake names and over 8 twitter accounts (there may be more, i just havent founder them yet). They even went as far as to make phone recordings of my facebook videos and upload them to youtube along with pictures of me intertwined with pictures of one of the girls with a love song behind it. They created a twin brother for “me” and photoshopped me into pictures of myself to make twin pictures. One of the twins died at some point and the original “me” used to check in at a crematorium with a memory every now and again. The woman doing this lives within 10 miles of me but I have no idea who she is. I spent 4 hours at the police station yesterday trying to describe it in a statement. I wish I was making this all up as it makes no sense to me at all…

Dirty Diana
Alright this happened on xbox live. I was 18 at the time and I’m also a guy. Well puberty and my xbox mic didn’t get along so I sound like a girl sometimes. We were playing halo when a guy asks if I’m a girl, my friend responds for me with yes her names Diana and we play with it from there. This guy just has to party up with us so we back out and pick him up. We play the rest of night with this guy on halo before getting off xbox for the night. I get back on the next night and get spammed with invites by him again. I make sure I talk normal so I actually sound like a guy and he learns that his new xbox live crush is actually a dude. He removed me as a friend and never contacted me again.
8/10 would be a girl for giggles on xbox live again.

Not The Other Way Around
When I was 10 I went on Neopets and pretended to be a 25 year old woman with three adopted kids. I am the original catfish … Funniest part is I haven’t even reached the age I pretended to be yet.

Ever Been Catfished?

Call Me Trans
Started to talk to a girl through a friend over skype. We barely talked at first but she slowly grew an attachment to me, and me for her. I’ve seen what she had looked like and she was absolutely gorgeous. She was everything I could ever want in a person, and for once in my life, I was happy… Well we start to get serious in our relationship and I find out well… She had a penis. At first I didn’t know what to do, I was angry/mad and really confused. I eventually come to terms with her being transgender, but we split due to her lying a lot. How it has affected me? Now I barely go out of my way to talk to people looking for a relationship for one the fear of being lied to, and two Although I was lied to, there was nothing else I could ask for in a person and I haven’t found anyone like her.. being catfished mostly changed how I view transgendered people. I used to think it was really weird to find that out like most of you do, but when you love somebody you love them.

I Get So Lonely
I ‘catfished’ multiple people. got dialup internet when I was 12 and joined a forum I found while looking for goth myspace layouts (yeah, this was around 2005, haha). Started pretending I was a 19 year old from the city over with 19 piercings… looking back, I can’t believe so many people believed me.
I began ‘dating’ a 21 year old man from Florida, and that continued for maybe three months before my dad sent me to a group home. I finally gained access to the internet at the library after awhile and told them what really happened…
The guy I dated completely fucking quit the internet, quit talking to all his friends from the forum and hated my guts. I felt bad, but I was just lonely 🙁

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