Colorado Thief Nabbed By Police After He Leaves His Crap-Filled Underwear At The Scene

Wow. He must have been beyond nervous about breaking the law. Well, either that or he robbed a Taco Bell on the way to this heist.

According to WWWN, a disgusting 49-year-old man recently broke into a Denver building that housed a preschool and church and left with a stash of electronics and guitars.

One item he didn’t leave with? You guessed it: His crap-filled underwear.

Police sent the soiled underwear to a lab, hoping to find DNA in the fecal matter that would lead them to the thief. It was a great success, as the poop led them to Rodney Mark Hendrix. Even better was the fact that Hendrix had already been brought in on unrelated theft and drug charges, so they didn’t have to go far to apprehend him.

It’s unknown if he shit his pants and left them behind in those instances as well, but either way, it looks like it will be a while before ol’ poopy pants strikes again.

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