Guy With ‘Who Dat’ Forehead Tattoo Grabbed A Cop’s Junk Just For The Hell Of It

People with face tattoos are usually not the most outstanding citizens, so it’s really hard to be surprised to hear that a guy with a forehead tattoo that says “Who Dat” decided to go balls-out and grab an officer’s junk.

Michael Edwards, 29, who is currently an inmate at Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans, Louisiana, for an unknown reason, was charged with two counts of battery on a cop, simple battery and sexual battery after he grabbed two officers’ testicles on two different days.

According to the arrest report, Edwards was being transferred when he “suddenly lunged forward and grabbed a deputy’s testicles.” Who dat, who dat? It’s Michael, y’all.

Edwards apparently didn’t get enough of a handful because the next day he struck again, this time on another officer. He was going crazy inside a van and was taken to the medical ward when he was subdued with foam spray. And of course, that’s when he struck again, grabbing some manhood.

Edwards now has a psychiatric evaluation scheduled, although he should’ve had one after he got the tattoo.

No word yet on how the cops are doing, but Saints fans everywhere are face-palming hard today.

Via Deadspin


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