The iPhone 7 Definitely Doesn’t Have a Headphone Jack

Before today’s Apple Event online retailer Amazon accidentally posted its dedicated page for the iPhone 7, revealing the new flagship smartphone’s design before Apple had the chance to do so. You can take a look at Amazon’s blunder in detail here, but the most important detail revealed by the mistimed unveiling was the absence of a headphone jack.

The lack of a headphone jack in the iPhone 7’s design means that users will now have to rely on Bluetooth headphones. For their part, Amazon had a whole line of Bluetooth earbuds and headphones at their disposal, in order to capitalize on the missing port.

Many were concerned that Apple would officially drop the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 after rumors began circling earlier this year, with a leak suggesting that Apple would debut its own dedicated iPhone 7 earbuds that even do away with wires. While Apple hasn’t yet officially confirmed the existence of these earbuds – or the lack of a headphone jack in the iPhone 7 – Amazon has beaten them to the punch.

Considering the lack of the headphone jack, Apple began its Apple Event with a very music-focused presentation, including a Carpool Karaoke segment with Tim Cook, James Corden and Pharrell and more information pertaining to its Apple Music service.