Tech We Crave | VR Gun, Portable Gym and the Dell Inspiron 7000 2-in-1

In this week’s edition of Tech We Crave, we take a look at devices that are looking to improve our lives both in virtual reality and the real world, putting a spotlight on one of the more interesting VR accessories soon coming to market, along with a handy piece of workout equipment. 

Also, Crave‘s top-rated tech this week is Dell’s latest tablet/laptop hybrid, which exceeds expectations by providing a robust and well-rounded experience for a very reasonable price tag.

Take a look below:


Striker VR Haptic VR Gun


Striker VR’s Haptic VR Gun is shaping up to be a virtual reality accessory done right, providing real-time feedback to the user that mimics the feeling of firing a gun.

Alongside three firing modes – single, burst, and auto – the Haptic VR Gun will also come equipped with modes that replicate futuristic weaponry such as a rail gun. It currently supports PhaseSpace and Sixense STEM tracking, though future prototypes will also work with PlayStation’s Move, Oculus’ Constellation, and Valve’s Lighthouse, meaning that it will be able to work with the PS VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive respectively.

No consumer models of the Haptic VR Gun are currently available, though according to Road to VR the company is looking to send out an SDK to partners before the year’s end. You can check out the Haptic VR Gun in action in the below video: 


Monkii Bars 2


The Monkii Bars 2 have proven to be an huge hit on Kickstarter, with the portable gym accessory sprinting past its $50,000 goal on the crowdfunding site, currently sitting at a whopping $668,000 in backer donations.

It’s not difficult to see why the Monkii Bars have attracted such widespread interest. With a durable but lightweight design, the portable bodyweight trainer allows you to do your workout either in your home or while on your travels, promising 250+ exercises that can be conducted using them to help you up your fitness in a variety of ways.

The Monkii Bars 2 can be pre-purchased on Kickstarter from $119 right here. Check out the commercial for the device below:


Tech of the Week:  Dell Inspiron 7000 2-in-1


Our Tech of the Week winner for August 15 is the Dell Inspiron 7000 2-in-1, a relatively low-priced laptop/tablet hybrid that provides impressive performance and functionality for a sub-$800 price tag. 

Available in both 13- and 15-inch models, the Inspiron 7000 2-in-1 features a crisp 1080p display, 8GB of RAM alongside a sizable 256GB of storage space and an Intel i5 processor. Though many tablet and laptop hybrids falter when it comes to providing a competent middle-ground, the Inspiron 7000 manages to do just that, with it featuring a 360-degree hinge that allows users to turn the display and use it as a touchscreen tablet. Although it’s best operated as a laptop given its heavy frame, the Inspiron 7000 boasts a high-dynamic-range (HDR) video output option that gives its display greater clarity. 

It’s not just under the hood that the Inspiron 7000 impresses, either. Its all-metal design is easy on the eye, with it sharing similarities to Apple’s Macbook as a result of its premium, high-end look. It also features a backlit keyboard for nighttime browsing, along with a precise touch pad that ensures you needn’t feel compelled to use its touchscreen if you’re not that way inclined. It also has a few neat tricks up its sleeve, too, including a camera packed with face-recognition software that allows you to open your laptop using Windows Hello. 

Find out more about the Dell Inspiron 7000 2-in-1 right here.