Star Wars Han Solo Refrigerator Keeps Your Beer Cool in Carbonite

I went to Star Wars Celebration Europe this year, so I know from first-hand experience that Star Wars fans will stop at nothing to make cool Star Wars-related shit. After witnessing a guy in a 12-foot Chewbacca costume slowly shuffle himself into a toilet cubicle in order to take a leak, it’s clear that ardent followers of the Star Wars universe wouldn’t bat an eyelid at spending hours turning their refrigerator into Han Solo, so the folks over on Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel have got them covered.

The DIY appliance is created using a silicon mold of Han Solo, LED lights to make his body flash eerily and some gray paint in order to give off that carbonite feel. The end product is pretty indistinguishable from the prop featured in Empire Strikes Back / Return of the Jedi, only with it also able to store your beer. That’s a pretty good improvement, in my book.


In terms of how easy the refrigerator is to create, professional makeup effects artist Frank Ippolito says that the cast of Han Solo isn’t all that difficult to find on sites such as eBay, with him seemingly making light work of it considering the size of the project. With that being said he’s always worked on the likes of Pirate of the Caribbean, so he would say that.

Check out the video of the Star Wars refrigerator being created below: