The Primaries | A Glimpse at the Brightside

We’re still in the mud-filled waters of the presidential primaries, and while it can be easy to focus on the negative (whilst casually researching how to get Canadian citizenship), take a break from all the banter and turn your focus toward something way more fun: your closet. Get ready to integrate some brightly hued yellow clothing that’s perfect for summer.

At the top of our list, we can’t get enough of this super saturated color in perfectly plain cotton tees. From Brixton, we’re into the Wheeler 3/4 Sleeve Shirt, which is a baseball-inspired raglan, while Altru Apparel wants to give us some direction with the Wander Lost tee, which features an arrow graphic leading the way. 

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But it’s the accessories that really get us amped about this new sunny disposition. A flat brimmed arrowhead hat from Poler Stuff has a vintage feel but is made of modern materials. Redland London backpacks get some inspiration (and a collaboration) with Pantone, made from the perfect yellow fabric. And make sure you can always find your spot on the beach – with an aggressive (it’s a very appropriate term) towel from Captain Fin. Finally, to really get the party going, pack a classy flask from Smathers and Branson