Tiffani Thiessen Is Still Saving Us at 45 on Instagram

Photo by: (NBC / Getty Images)

If you were a teenage boy in the ‘90s, you had one true TV love: Kelly Kapowski. The Zack Attack, Slater (even Screech, you know, before) and the rest of Saved by the Bell crew were always there for you during your awkward pubic years, but mostly, we were just there for Tiffani Thiessen. To this very day, she’s still got what it takes to fill our stomachs with butterflies on her Instagram.

Her cooking show Dinner at Tiffani’s might have ended last year, but she’s still cooking up a storm with her new cookbook and celebrating her 45th birthday. Join us in wishing Tiffani a very happy birthday! Catch her now on Alexa & Katie on Netflix (or just wait for that Saved by the Bell reunion you know it coming).

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