Kate Upton Has A #MeToo Story

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Since I am an official Kate Upton historian, I’m here to let you know that Kate Upton became “Kate Upton” by starring in campaigns for Guess. Here’s one of the commercials. What precious memories.



Turns out the memories weren’t all that precious for Kate since she accused Guess co-founder and creative director, Paul Marciano, of using his power in the industry to sexually and emotionally harass women.” She also tweeted about it. Look down.



I was under the impression that every dude in fashion was gay, so this is troubling news for me. And Kate, obviously. And to other women models. I guess if Paul was gay, he’d be sexually harassing male models, so male models must have a lot of stories. All of this is very depressing. Can we talk about this super moon though? Pretty wild stuff.