The 2017 LOVE Advent Calendar Is Here

Emily Ratajkowski


It’s the reason for the season. The 2017 LOVE Advent Calendar. Of course, Emily Ratajkowski would be one of the first, because I assume she was camping out front until they let her end. Not sure what rubbing your boobs with pasta and grease in a warehouse has to do with Christ’s return, but that’s not for us to concern ourselves with. The point is, Emily Ratajkowski rubbing her boobs with pasta and grease in a warehouse with her special needs face that we have all chosen to ignore.



Ashley Graham was also asked because they had to check off that diversity box early. Her video is pretty much what you’d expect. Lots of closeups and shots that looks like she’s about to ruin a toilet. Sexy. They also made her pretend she was running. They probably had to pay her extra for that. I guess having Ashley Graham run herself in pasta would be too on the nose.