Kim Kardashian Is Hiring A Surrogate For Her Third Kid

Kim Kardashian


Yay. There’s gonna be another Kardashian/West kid. And somebody else has to be involved because of Kim Kardashian‘s placenta or whatever.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have hired a surrogate, a source confirms to PEOPLE. Kardashian West has long made it clear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she wants another child – even though her doctors have warned her about the health risks of carrying another baby because she suffered from placenta accreta during her last pregnancy. Placenta accreta is a condition in which the placenta grows into the wall of the womb and prevents it from easily detaching at the time of birth.

You’d think as much money as this family has spent on plastic surgery that Kim Kardashian could get a discount on a new placenta, but whatever. That money is probably put to better use on Kylie’s face and Khloe’s woman suit. We don’t know how the surrogate is, but I’m sure Kanye made a strong push for Beyonce so Kim wouldn’t have to use one of her eggs and they wouldn’t have to spend money on getting the egg in there and stuff. Kanye wants to have sex with Beyonce is what I’m saying.