White Lady Allison Williams Would Like To Preach To You About Diversity


Fresh off her HBO show, Girls, with no black people on it, Allison Williams has scored big at the box office with what is probably the best movie about microaggressions and literal cultural appropriation, Get Out, written by a half white dude, Jordan Peele, with a white wife and all white friends. Now comes the part about diversity.

“Girls” star Allison Williams blasted Hollywood at Refinery29’s International Women’s Day celebration, saying “one of the biggest problems . . . is that the people making decisions are disproportionately old, disproportionately white and disproportionately men. When they leave we have to make sure the people who replace them more accurately reflect the way the world actually looks.”

Look, I get it. White liberals hate white people more than Trump supporters hate Muslims, and they’ve reached the point where they’re running white dudes off  Twitter because they signed on to play a white character. And as we all know, only Asians can do karate. Or is that a stereotype? I honestly can’t tell anymore. Basically, no white people should be cast in anything anymore, because we need to accurately reflect the way the world actually looks. Especially in America where it’s 70% white people. I don’t know, just wade through them until you find somebody not white, doesn’t matter who. No longer shall we suffer from the oppression boot of systematic racism as long as they’re aren’t any white people on TV or in movie. That should definitely solve it. Unclear how Allison Williams would feel about that, but it was her idea.