Alexis Ren Had Her Named Misspelled For Today’s 2016 LOVE Advent Calendar

2016 Love Advent Calendar


The daughter of the other Baldwin did the 2016 LOVE Advent Calendar yesterday, since they’re ran out of models and are going through Instagram “models” now because December has a lot of days. Today’s is Alexis Ren. Or “Alexis Renn” as stated in the video here. I assume they’re the same person. Alexis Ren has 7.4M Instagram followers, because a pic of her in a bikini when she was 15 got a lot attention on Tumblr. Can’t really blame Trump for that. Anyway,  “Alexis Renn” did a calendar video where she does ballet with a dudes in bunny suits. I guess they paid her in drugs since they appear to have had a bunch lying around.