Let’s Catch Up On The 2016 LOVE Advent Calendar, Shall We?

Ireland Baldwin 2016 LOVE Advent Calendar


The 2016 LOVE Advent Calendar started on December 1st. Do the math. There’s six videos below.

Stella Maxwell in a less sexy The Wolf Of Wall St. ripoff. Whatever.



Kendall Jenner doing Kendall Jenner stuff over a Barry White. The gay man who came up with this, really doesn’t understand heterosexuals.



Ireland Baldwin trying to recreate a Madonna video but with a 7’2″ woman who is only in this video because her last name is Baldwin. Pretend this is the drag version of said Madonna video.



Rita Ora doing something. Not sure. Something about the 40s, but she’s wearing the uniform of the people who make hot chocolate. Maybe this is some kind of high art I don’t understand. Also remember the time Rita Ora got naked (NSFW).



Irina Shayk recreating that scene in Ghost. She’s pregnant here, so I hope this doesn’t end up to be some kind of foreshadowing. That would be sad.



I assume they put Bella Hadid first just to get her ugly ass out of the way and fulfill the obligation of her parents’ donation.