Tara Reid Is Living Her Best Life

Tara Reid, seen here with people asking her to smile even though she’s dead inside, was living the dream at a Philadelphia airport bar this weekend.

Tara Reid missed a flight to LA on Saturday because she was too busy hanging at an airport bar, a source said. Reid was seen at Jack Duggan’s Pub inside Philadelphia International Airport. A witness told us, “Tara was beyond tipsy” and was “sharing an egg sandwich with an air traveler.” A rep for Reid said: “She was exhausted from filming. Missed her flight and got on the next one. She wasn’t tipsy but extremely tired from filming.”

Pretty much every Tara Reid story ends with her rep having to deny she was drunk, but there’s tons of stories about actors who were so exhausted from filming that they got drunk and asked for a stranger’s egg salad sandwich at an airport bar. Look them up. It just make take a minute or two to scroll through all the Tara Reid ones.