Taylor Swift Wants Tom Hiddleston To Propose Before The Emmys

Taylor Swift

Tom Hiddleston got an Emmy nomination for The Night Manager, but Taylor Swift needs to find a way to make it about her, so she is pressuring him to propose before September awards ceremony for the most Taylor Swift reason possible. Star (via Cele|bitchy ) reports:

As Taylor Swift’s picture-perfect world lies in shambles, thanks to Kanye West’s secret recording, Swift is clinging to the one person sticking by her side: Tom Hiddleston. “Taylor and Tom talk about spending the rest of their lives together,” shares a pal, “but if he’s serious about settling down then he needs to propose.” Hiddleston is no stranger to Taylor’s demands. Per reports, Tom flew all the way out to LA to console the singer after she failed to score a single VMA nomination. “Tom was hoping to buy some time, but it sounds like Taylor wants to announce their engagement soon,” says the source, who suspects the pop star has set her sights on the 2016 Emmy Awards in September. “Taylor will want all eyes on them, and what better way than to walk down the red carpet with a rock on her ring finger.”

It doesn’t matter if this is true or not, it just matters if it sounds true. Which it does. Taylor Swift suing a photographer who takes a pic of the ring at the wrong angle will also sound true. Tom Hiddleston shooting himself in the head in the middle of a field will also sound true. Or that’s what Taylor Swift’s PR team will have you believe. Wake up, sheeple.

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