Kim Kardashian Said If She Wasn’t Famous She’d Be A Forensics Investigator

Kanye West can’t afford to buy a real Vogue cover for him and Kim anymore, so thy had to go with their safety cover, Vogue Australia. And much like her sister, Kim Kardashian really shouldn’t be allowed to say things in interviews without a parent or guardian present. 

On her favourite quality in a man: “Humour.”

Totally. Besides music, Kanye West is best known for having a great sense of humor about himself and has never flew into a caps lock rage over an imagined slight. Maybe she likes him because he’s immortal

Also, LOL:

Appearing on her second Vogue Australia cover, Kardashian West also opened up about what she would want to be if she wasn’t one of the most recognised personalities in the world.  “I would be a forensic investigator and live a normal life.” 

I mean, her dad wasn’t the best forensic investigator. I feel that needs to be said. She can’t even Google “how to not make mirrors warp in Photoshop” before she posts selfies, so I don’t think I’d be confident in her ability to close cold cases unless she’s solving something about ice cream. I assume she has enough money to be Batman if she wanted, but utility belt can only hold so much makeup that it almost makes it not worth it.

Case in point:


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