Ashley Benson Got A Sexy Cecil The Lion Halloween Costume

Ashley Benson Cecil The Lion


I don’t know why celebrities dress for Halloween while Heidi Klum is still alive, but Ashley Benson plans on it. You’re not gonna believe this. She offended some people, because that’s what happens when you post things on the Internet.

Ashley Benson received quite a bit of backlash for wearing this costume! The actress shared a picture of herself in what she called a ‘Cecil the Lion costume’ and that didn’t go over so well with some of her fans…offensive choice,” user roerman commented on Ashley’s picture. While another fan and Instagram user conne.miley wrote, “Love u Ash, but not really this costume” Thankfully Ashley got the hint because she changed her caption from “Cecil the Lion” to just “lion” shortly after. “Help! Can’t decide on my Halloween costume this year! What do you guys think of this lion costume? @yandy#thanksyandy #halloweencostume,” she wrote as she re-captioned the picture.

I realize we all still can’t come to a consensus if we want to live in a world where an 8-year old girl can get a shotgun blast through the chest over puppies or not, but we better not fucking see you wearing a costume of a dead tourist attraction in another country or we’ll send some hashtags your way, bitch. It’s problematic and offensive or something like that.