Rihanna Had Her Album ‘R8’ Scrapped Because Her Singles Suck

You know that album Rihanna has worked on for two years? And you know those three songs that she put out recently that were all shit? Good. Because there won’t be an album with more.

Remember the singles that Rihanna released earlier this year? The three singles that were going to be on her upcoming R8 album? Well, those singles are just promo singles, until she releases three actual singles off her actual new album. Whenever that’s happening. After critics slammed RiRi for the lackluster sales of “FourFiveSeconds,” “B***h Betta Have My Money,” and “American Oxygen,” the singer may change her mind and declare those songs to be promo singles. That means those singles won’t be listed on Rihanna’s highly anticipated R8 album. They’re just promotional singles for the actual singles she’ll choose for her forthcoming album.

To be honest, I’d rather look at Rihanna than listen to her (here she is topless), so if she just wants to stop trying to make music, I’m sure that would be okay with with everyone. Especially Beyonce so she can finally stop checking Jay Z’s second phone.