Chrissy Teigen Wants To Help Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes’s check brain light has been on for a while now, and instead of going in to get it checked out, her parents and the legal system have ignored it and just hoped it would go away. In fact, not many people have offered to help, because seeing people disintegrate and implode into insanity is one of America’s favorite pastimes. However, Chrissy Teigen wishes she could help out, but Amanda Bynes thinks she’s fat and Amanda doesn’t like fat people I think. And I don’t think Chrissy has her number. We should look into that. 

“Amanda and I are the same age so I grew up watching her and really looking up to her and for me, to see this path that’s happening and to watch it, is kind of really affecting me in ways that I didn’t think it would,” she told E! News at Variety’s Power of Women event. “It’s weird to be in a situation where you can’t help.” Teigen said that she really just wants to see Bynes living a healthier and better life. “I obviously don’t know her at all but I want to bring her back and I want to make her happy and healthy for some reason and she’s not there and we can’t do anything to help so it kind of sucks,” she explained. “All we’re doing is hurting it.”

Not sure why this isn’t obvious to everyone, but Chrissy is an awesome human being, and awesome human beings try to help out when they can even when the people they want to help call them fat. E! was really on board with this plan, and have decided to use their immense power and influence in the entertainment industry to help Chrissy achieve this goal. No, I meant they brushed over the subject briefly because it’s topical then asked Chrissy what she eats before an event while Ryan Seacrest offered Kendall’s unborn baby a developmental deal.


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