Christina Ricci Had A Kid

Christina Ricci


*reboots self* “No posting in Boobs Mode”


Wait, when did Christina Ricci get pregnant? Did I know she was pregnant? Why didn’t anyone tell me? This is some bullshit quite honestly.

The actress, 34, and husband James Heerdegen recently welcomed their first child, a son, PEOPLE confirms. Further details, including his name and birthdate, are not available, and a rep for Ricci has not commented. Ricci and Heerdegen met on the set of her former show Pan Am, where Heerdegen was working as a camera technician.

Congratulations? I guess that’s pretty much all I have to say about this story. I mean, except for the fact that I know a chick who looks exactly like Christina Ricci with bigger boobs. So if she’s looking to get pregnant, I’ll have to check my calendar, but I think I’m free on August 22nd between 4pm-5pm. Then 5:10pm until whenever.