Zac Efron Has Been Banging Michelle Rodriguez Since 2011


On Monday, we learned that Zac Efron has a very specific type, and since there’s not a lot of famous brown women in Hollywood, it was only a matter of time before he got to Michelle Rodriguez. That happened in 2011.

Not too long after Zac and his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens broke up in 2010, he fell into the arms of Michelle, literally. “”Whenever they’re together and both single, they hook up,” a source tells us. But just recently, Michelle was linked to model, Cara Delevigne, so why the sudden change? “They’re just having fun on vacation,” adds the source. It looks a bit more than just a hook up if you ask us, at one point on the yacht, Zac was spotted being ever so chivalrous and covered Michelle with his beach towel.

We all have that one emergency vagina and/or penis we get to use when neither of us has anything else going on, but unlike Zac Efron’s emergency piece, yours probably won’t stab you and carve Cara Delevigne’s name in your chest.


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