Lindsay Lohan Made $150K By Lying, Not Responding To A Lawsuit


Only Lindsay Lohan would sue somebody for $1.1M over leggings, and only Lindsay Lohan could completely ignore the countersuit and walk away with $150,000 by using her greatest performance to date: playing the victim.

Double victory for Lindsay Lohan … she just got $150k to settle her lawsuit against a clothing company — huge money for Linds — and now, she won’t have to talk about her miscarriage in court. According to new legal docs, Lindsay’s clothing label 6126 struck the settlement agreement this week with D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries, the company she sued last year for $1.1 million. Lindsay claimed D.N.A.M. failed to pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars for licensing her 6126 trademark for international clothing sales. D.N.A.M. sued Lindsay right back, insisting her druggie reputation made it impossible to unload the merch. We’re told the settlement kills BOTH lawsuits — and D.N.A.M.’s demand to force Lindsay to testify about the miscarriage … which she had raised as an excuse for not responding to their lawsuit.


Just last week Lohan told the court she’d been too distressed by her alleged miscarriage and the burdens of supposed sobriety to respond to the lawsuit. DNAM served Lohan papers in the case “over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays,” according to papers obtained by Radar, but she never responded and a court found her in default. And so, she brought her sob story for the judge asking for more time to file her response. “When I was in rehab, [my attorney] was unable to contact me to discuss the case,” she said in the documents.  “After I completed my 90 day program I moved back to New York.” And ever since, she wrote, “I have been overwhelmed since leaving rehab and dealing with my sobriety and a miscarriage.” Multiple sources insist that Lohan’s miscarriage story was a ploy “to garner sympathy and explain unprofessional behavior.”

So to recap, Lindsay basically refused to acknowlegde the countersuit existed, then when she was finally called on it, she said, “oh yeah, I had a miscarriage and I do a bunch of drugs. my b”, the WALKED AWAY WITH $150,000 instead of being locked up for perjury, because the judge said, “Oh, word? Next case.” It’s time to admit to ourselves that this bitch is completely untouchable. You could shoot her point blank in the face and she could sue you for punitive damages because she chipped a tooth when she spit the bullet out.