Kendall Jenner Is Banging Harry Styles

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner went out to dinner last week then he spent the night with her at Bruce Jenner's beach house leading many media outlets to speculate that the pair are dating. Let me clear this up, they are not dating. They're bonin'. Happy Monday.  Daily Mail reports:

They have been touted as the celebrity world's hottest new young couple since they were spotted enjoying a cosy dinner date last week. And it would appear that Harry Styles has already secured a welcome nod of approval from Kendall Jenner's Olympian father, Bruce.  The One Direction heartthrob was spotted tucking into a pot of yoghurt and a cup of coffee in Malibu, California, after reportedly spending the night at the former athlete's beach house…The young couple reportedly struck up a close friendship when they met at The X Factor USA studio while One Direction recorded their performance for last week's show.

And to tell you all you really need to know, Kendall Jenner was asked about Styles last night and said they were "friends".

Speaking to E!'s Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet, she said: 'We're friends. He's cool, yeah, he's cool. You go out with one person, you're automatically dating them.'

If a chick says a guy is her friend, she has either banged him previously, is currently texting him when she's drunk for him to bang her, is banging him at this moment, or will bang him eventually in the near future. And if she has no interest in banging him, it's only a matter of time when she stops being his friend because he just tried to bang her. Those are your only options. So the people saying that they are dating really need to open their eyes. I hate to be the one to raise my hand in the class here, but Harry Styles is white.