Jennifer Lawrence Wore This

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those actresses that chicks love because she's cute (not too pretty!) and has an okay body (she doesn't work out!), so women feel she's relatable even though she tries way too hard to be seem endearing and funny (she tripped that one time! look at her new hair!). Ironically, we can't focus on her looks because she has "talent" (recites lines well) and looks and talent are apparently mutually exclusive. If Jennifer Lawrence looked like Candice Swanepoel or a young Angelina Jolie (real women have curves!), she would have zero femal fan base. I guess her handlers told her to ease up on the girl power, so she wore this dress to the French premiere of Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Basically, she's showing a lot of sideboob is the point I'm trying to make here.


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