Puff, Puff, Change Into This And Take A Picture Of It For Twitter

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Chances are Rihanna is blazed out of her mind right now in Hawaii, just like she was high yesterday when she put this on and tweeted to a random fan. I tweet pictures of my cat, so I think that’s why Rihanna and I have so many Twitter followers. People seem to really enjoy them. Oh nothing special really. I take pictures of him doing various things. Funny things! Haha he’s such a character! He just sits there and pretends he doesn’t care, but I know he does. He loves me. Sometimes I pet him while we look at the pictures together. And when women come over he plays this game where he ignores me and cuddles with them then tries to follow them out, but he’s just being friendly. I mean, they’re guests! He’s such a gentleman. And when I don’t buy the right cat food by mistake, sometimes he shits in the middle of the living room floor and scratches up my couch, but I deserve that. It’s not his fault. That’s the only way I’ll learn. He only does it because he cares so much about me.

Note: To see Rihanna in the same bikini and on a boat without wondering if the camera was set on fire or buried in a swamp for six months, clicky click here.


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