Lindsay Lohan Is Really Coordinated

Lindsay Lohan, who can’t afford counseling, was out with Paris and Nicky Hilton this weekend. You’ll never guess what she did! TMZ says:

Lindsay Lohan went out again in Malibu last night with pals Paris and Nicky Hilton and she just couldn’t stand it — no, really … she fell down. Lindsay blamed her little trip on the paps, posting this on her Twitter page: “Omg, I’m so embarrassed, paparazzi just blinded me with flashes again, as I was walking into dinner. They pushed me and I tripped 🙁 hurt…”

Of course this isn’t Lindsay’s fault, even if she called the paparazzi ahead and then guzzled gin like it poured from the fountain of youth. Can’t a girl feel pretty without making excuses anymore? To her credit, booze is cheaper than both Botox and therapy, but I think she forgot the key points: Alcohol only makes you cuter if everyone else is drinking it. Or if you’re unconscious.


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