This Just Blew A .14, Then Tried To Blow The Officers

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Model SueLyn Medeiros got drunk then got in a DeLorean and sideswiped a parked car. She was pulled over (video here) and arrested. Where hopefully the officers took her to an alley and fucked her. Oh, please. It’s not like she was gonna remember it. Girls like it when they can’t remember. It’s like a game! TMZ reports:

It might be the sexiest DUI arrest ever — Claudia Jordan’s smokeshow friend BUSTED after sideswiping a parked car … while driving a freaking DeLorean … and it was all caught on TAPE. Law enforcement tells TMZ, model SueLyn Medeiros — we strongly recommend Googling her — was pulled over last night in Hollywood after colliding with a parked car, and when she opened her DeLorean’s gull-wing door, cops caught a “strong odor” of alcohol. Police administered a field sobriety test — and Medeiros, who had been driving with Claudia in the car, laughs the entire way through, prancing around barefoot … needless to say, cops weren’t impressed. Medeiros then blew a .14 — nearly twice the legal limit in California — and was placed under arrest. According to law enforcement, Medeiros bragged incessantly about being a rich model, and was extremely flirtatious with the officers. Medeiros is still in custody on $45,000 bail. As for the high bail amount, we’re told she had an unrelated warrant out for her arrest … but it’s unclear why.

Whatever. She was in DeLorean. It’s not like she could have been hurt. That other car shouldn’t have been there if it didn’t want to get hit. She could have ran me over and my first instinct would have been to give her a back massage to calm her nerves.