Kelly Carlson Is In A Bikini

Kelly Carlson could have braided intestines for hair and after seeing her once as Kimber, the hooker with the heart of gold, on Nip/Tuck you’d still cum at least once. So imagine my surprise when she showed up in a bikini in Malibu. I have things to do later, and I don’t feel like approving comments, so “Ewwww, she has fake tits!”, “Where is her ass? I’d take Christina Hendricks or Aretha Franklin any day over this chick”, “Todd, you’re obviously a fag”, “She has hips of a 10-year old, Thai boy!”, “OMG, it’s so obvious that beach was photoshopped in”. I know the chocolate on your keyboard is doing a great job of it already, but does that pretty much cover it?


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