January Jones Does Allure

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In a new interview with Allure, January Jones puts aside the fact she’s an emotional drunk who calls married dudes to bang her or talk about her bastard child from her jump off on the X-Men: First Class set.

On why she doesn’t go to therapy anymore:

“I was traveling so much, and I just needed to make sure I was grounded and had someone to talk to. She talked more than I did, which was hilarious and great and fun,”…”I really like [my therapist]. It was like having a girlfriend. But I’m not going to give her $300 an hour to have the same conversation I could have with my girlfriend.”

On way having a boyfriend gets in the way of getting strange dick:

Earlier this year, the actress, (here with makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen) broke up with Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live because “the long distance kind of petered us out,” she says. “When you date someone else who’s in the industry, someone has to make the sacrifices. And if no one’s willing to, then you just have to be friends.” Then again, she says, it’s hard to imagine anyone who is not in the industry being understanding of her job’s demands: “‘I’m sorry, I need to go away for three months and kiss other men while you stay here.'”


“I have never dieted,” says the actress. “I just listen to whatever my body craves. I don’t deny myself anything. I don’t crave sweets or unhealthy things very often. But when I do, like if I’m in a bad mood and I’m in traffic, I’ll stop at McDonald’s and get a strawberry shake and fries and not feel guilty at all, because I deserve it.

Long story short, I love this woman. Why? Mostly because that last blockquote is just a really long euphemism for cock.


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