Jesse James Is Still An Asshole

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Jesse James has a book to sell, so he spoke with Howard Stern. You’ll never guess what they talked about! From Us Weekly:

Set to marry for the fourth time, Jesse James isn’t afraid to compare his future wife to his most recent, and most famous, ex.

During a typically freewheeling interview on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show Thursday, the motorcycle mogul, 42, didn’t shrink when the shock jock asked him the obvious.

“Who’s more fun in bed? Sandra Bullock or Kat Von D?” Stern, 57 asked.

“That one’s an easy no-brainer,” James replied.

“Kat von D?” Stern asked.

“Yes, sir. 100 percent. She’s a vixen,” James said of the L.A. Ink star (real name: Katherine Drachenberg), 29. “The way she gets in my head and makes me feel.”

After stepping out as a couple last August, James and von D (they met about six years ago when they were both Discovery channel stars) announced their engagement in January.

“It’s a mental thing,” James gushed of sex with his bride-to-be “We’re just connected on a whole different level.”

Fair enough, but there’s more.

James confessed to Stern that he never felt quite so secure with third wife Bullock, 46.

“I always felt like any moment that rug was going to be yanked out,” he said, and looked back on her emotional March 2010 Oscar acceptance speech, in which he watched teary-eyed in the audience. “Yeah, she could stand there in front of the world and say she loved me, but in my mind I was thinking, yeah bulls***…’You don’t love me.”

James didn’t cheat on the actress, whom he married in 2005, right away. “It took a couple years,” he explained. “It was like a very short bubble…It was hard. I married America’s sweetheart, and she’s one of the biggest stars in the world, but I’m still this f***ed up kid from Long Beach [Calif.],” he explained.

“I did really love her and I did really care for her,” James insisted to Stern “The stuff that I did that was bad I don’t think necessarily nullifies everything I felt…I really did have real feelings for her. The problem was me.”

Things unraveled when his mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee sold the story of their affair to a tabloid; Bullock’s publicist tipped off James about the incoming story, and he came clean with his wife. James’ name has since been taken off of Louis’ adoption papers, he confirmed.

“I’m angry with myself for not doing the right thing,” he admitted. “I should have just left her.”

The Monster Garage star said that being married to a beloved, blockbuster movie star forced him “in a certain type of box” that inhibited him. “I’m one of those dudes that like, ‘Hey, somebody owes me money. Cool, I’m going to knock their teeth out until they pay me.’ But all of a sudden I couldn’t do stuff like that before, because then it would become about Sandy. Everything would have a reflection on her…All of a sudden I had to kind of live in this certain perception so no one got embarrassed and no one’s movie was affected.”

Because Sandra Bullock wasn’t known for being covered in chintzy pin up girls, script, or Nazi symbolism, Jesse James didn’t believe she could really love him. Jesse James couldn’t handle the pressures of the public expecting him to act like a reasonable, responsible adult instead of racking up dental bills for everyone to whom he lent five bucks. Jesse James felt inhibited by the need to act civilized instead of like a Vanilla Gorilla. Boo fucking hoo. Hey, Kat von D? When he leaves you for wife number five, give him some parting ink. And borrow your tattoo needle from Tommy Lee.