GMA Wants A Reunion

This has nothing to do with ratings. E! Online reports:

ABC didn’t plan on filing a complaint against recent Good Morning America guest Chris Brown when he destroyed part of his dressing room this week. Quite the opposite: After host Robin Roberts’ questions about Rihanna and Brown’s legal woes infuriated the star so much that he threw a chair through a plate-glass window, GMA extended him another invitation to come back on the show!

Indeed, sources at ABC have confirmed to me that producers want to “milk this event for everything its worth,” high moral news standards (and, one assumes, laws, especially those involving convicted felons and their subsequent behavior) be damned. And not only was Brown’s upcoming Dancing With the Stars appearance next week not canceled, as we predicted, guess what other media deal ABC wants to build with bad-boy Brown?

A reality show, perhaps?

“No, that would never happen here,” said a top-level ABC insider, who knows the current situation regarding Brown very well. “What’s far more likely is orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time.”

I’m assured that’s a top get to get at the network right now—especially now that all things Brown have electrified the media so much.

Reuniting Chris Brown with Rihanna is such an awesome idea that everyone can get behind. He’s demonstrated that he’s learned his lesson and can successfully manage his anger. Plus, what he did wasn’t so bad. I mean, look–she still has all of her teeth. And c’mon guys, he got a certificate. You have to earn those. Just like I did for making the best brownies at the bake sale. I’m not sure what Chris Brown’s secret to success is, but I know mine. For a fudgier consistency, use one less egg.

Here’s Vanessa Hudgens at a Suckerpunch premiere. It seemed to fit.

All images from WENN.


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