She’s Smiling Because She’s Set

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Ryan Philippe‘s ex, Alexis Knapp, is seven months pregnant. And now she’s prepared. TMZ reports:

Ryan Phillippe’s ex/alleged baby mama has lawyered up … and a legal battle is now brewing … TMZ has learned.

Alexis Knapp — the model/actress who claims to be carrying Ryan’s baby — has hired Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Ryan has said he’ll take a DNA test once the baby is born and support the child if it’s his, but Alexis is not satisfied.

And here’s a fun fact. Kaplan repped K-Fed in his divorce/custody battle with Britney Spears.

Since news of her pregnancy broke, reports have all said that Ryan Phillippe agreed to step up and support the kid once a paternity test was done, so I imagine this move is just to cement everything in front of a judge. I also imagine Mark Vincent Kaplan’s going to have a slightly harder time in court against a preppy, normal white dude who already has an active role in the lives of two kids than he did against a crazed redneck who needs her dad to sign a permission slip for her to go to Starbucks.

Ryan Phillippe’s current piece, Amanda Seyfried, doing nothing to help Japan: