Ryan Phillippe’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Pregnant

In the April issue of Elle magazine, Amanda Seyfried confirmed she and Ryan Phillippe are dating. Today, Ryan Phillippe‘s ex-girlfriend, Alexis Knapp (this chick), confirmed she was pregnant. Awkward you say? No, not at all. People reports:

Just as things are heating up again between Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried comes a potentially serious complication. Alexis Knapp, an actress who dated Phillippe last summer, is pregnant and, a source says, “Alexis has told friends that the child is Ryan’s.” The baby is said to be due in June. Reps for Knapp and Phillippe did not have any comment. But the source tells PEOPLE that “Ryan is aware of the situation [and] totally prepared to take responsibility should the child be his.”

Amanda Seyfried’s gigantic eyes probably saw this coming, so she should have had enough time to process it and move on. If not, Ryan can always drown it and dress it up in a Kimono and say that’s how he found it.

“It’s a trap!” That quote can reference two things in this post.


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