Ryan Gosling Is Up In This

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Olivia Wilde recently separated from her husband of eight years, and we all know that “separated” means “man, I’m really tired of looking at your dick and/or vagina. If you don’t mind, I’m gonna go look over her for a while. Don’t wait up.” OK! reports:

Some lucky Ryan Gosling fan caught some juicy gossip on tape! A woman accidentally stumbled upon Ryan and Olivia Wilde while recording her family’s visit to the Cincinnati aquarium! And by the looks of it, something is definitely brewin’ between the hot young actors. Olivia, 26, and Ryan, 30, were spotted at Relativity Media and The Weinstein Company’s 2011 Golden Globe Awards After Party on Jan. 16 at The Beverly Hilton, laughing together and looking very friendly. And it looks like there romance has blossomed since then, as the duo got quite cozy on their visit with the fishies. In the YouTube clip, “Did I seriously just bump into Ryan Gosling?!,” the woman narrating the video is very funny, as she trails Ryan and Olivia, who she dubs his “lady friend,” through the aquariums. You can hear her boyfriend tell her that she needs to stop, but the woman desperately wants to ask to take a picture with the hot young actor.

Ryan Gosling dated Rachel McAdams for a while and most recently had Blake Lively bent over the couch for a few weeks. So if you’re doing math a home on your Socialist calculator, his last three chicks might share a B cup between them. In fact, Blake Lively is making a misspelled handmade sign as we speak to protest this. “I bought mine, can’t they buy their own?,” she was quoted as saying.


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