Kim Kardashian Is Very Mature

When attention whores who only famous because they are on camera taking a load in the mouth, they have a hard time turning 30. Unlike most women who might have a career or a husband to fall back on after their looks and sex appeal go to shit after they turn 30, Kim Kardashian has none of those. So to make her feel better, her family forced her to take another load in the mouth on camera. How touching! Popeater reports:

“We are all gonna do a keg stand,” Kourtney announced to the room. “Kim is gonna do this!” Kim tried to resist, but ultimately succumbed to peer pressure and was hoisted high in the air. She even learned the lesson her sister was trying to teach her and maybe won’t sweat 30 quite so much.

I won’t get into how many keg stands I see just by living within a ten mile range of four colleges, but let’s just say I’ve never seen any tricked out Range Rovers outside or anybody’s mom holding their feet. And I’ve also never seen anybody worried about ruining their makeup. That usually comes much later when they have to walk home. Look, I realize it’s cold outside, sweetie. But daddy needs his sleep.


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