Kate Hudson Is Pregnant Again

Kate Hudson’s ovaries paid tribute to, Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of the Radiohead tribute band, Muse. By allowing him not to pull out. Us Magazine reports:

A source confirms exclusively in the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday, that Kate Hudson, 31, is 14 weeks pregnant with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy’s baby. “It was not planned, but they are excited and embracing it,” the source reveals to Us.

“It was not planned”? Do what now? I mean, I not a doctor, but isn’t there only one way to get pregnant? That’s why I always speak at high schools and talk to young girls about the benefits of anal sex. My simply worded and informative pamphlets clearly show that anal sex greatly decreases your risk of pregnancy while at the same time greatly increases your chances for flowers.

Kate Hudson and Thom Yor…uh, I mean Matt Bellamy:


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