Britney Spears Got Married III

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Last month, fearing her parents were going to stage an intervention, Britney Spears fled to Mexico with her paparazzi boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. Pictures of the trip showed the pair shopping and dining out. Uh, according to Star, guess what else they did? New York Daily News says:

The glossy says she “secretly wed” lens-lizard Adnan Ghalib during the visit – which is legally meaningless, as he has not yet divorced his previous wife, AzLynn Berry. Star ed Candace Trunzo tells me: “Our source on this was not in Rosarito Beach at the ceremony, but is very familiar with the fact that [wedding] documents exist.” More interestingly, the mag says Spears gave Ghalib $250,000 to grease AzLynn’s exit. She allegedly told her lawyers, who had imposed a grand-a-day spending limit, that she needed the cash for a new Mercedes.”

AzLynn? That sounds like a villain from Alladin. I’m not quite sure who she’s supposed to be, because to be honest, I didn’t really read the whole article. It’s Britney. It could’ve said she was in Mexico to build the world’s largest piece of flan, because nothing surprises me anymore with this crazy bitch.

Britney out shopping with her babysitters yesterday: