Lindsay Lohan Served 84 Minutes

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As part of her plea deal in her two DUI cases, which involved two counts of cocaine possession and fleeing the scene of an accident, Lindsay Lohan turned herself in to authorities on Thurdsay to serve her minimum 24-hour jail sentence. Apparently “minimum” means something else than I thought it did. People reports:

According to the sheriff’s department Web site, the actress turned herself in at 10:30 a.m., and was released at 11:54 a.m. The jail has a long-standing policy of releasing non-violent offenders early due to overcrowding. “Ms. Lohan was cooperative,” sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore tells PEOPLE. “She was fingerprinted, photographed, and put in a holding cell, but was let go due to our early release policy.”

During her stay, Lindsay made an excellent choice by selecting the deep pore cleansing facial, a hot stone massage, and a milk and honey body scrub. She also requested a chilled champagne glass, to see the dessert tray, and anything else that law enforcement in California does to kiss celebrity ass.

Lindsay doing community service: