Britney Gives Tony Romo Nightmares a Lap Dance

Ryan “I Am Gay” Seacrest, was at Les Deux Friday night where Britney Spears was celebrating being a loser after her custody hearing and was witnessed giving Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, a lap dance.

I spoke to her for a minute. She seemed to be in a very, very good mood,” he said on his KIIS-FM radio show this morning. “She had her sunglasses on. I said, ‘Busy day, huh?’ She kind of smiled and laughed and said, ‘Yeah.’ And then I believe I saw her and Tony Romo frolicking.”

“Lap dancing?” a co-host asked.

“I mean some would say,” Seacrest said.

“She’s on his lap,” the co-host continued.

“Yeah,” Seacrest replied. reported Spears (with longtime pal Alli Sims) first met up with Romo when they made a five-minute stop at Ketchup restaurant in L.A.after her frenzied custody court hearing on Friday. Spears and Sims left after about five minutes. The pair hit Les Deux around 10:30 p.m. Romo, 27 (who was recently linked to Sophia Bush), and his friends joined them a short time later. “She was dancing and talking a lot with Tony,” an onlooker told Spears, the witness added, “seemed in a really good mood and was super happy when [one of her] songs came on.” Her pal Avril Lavigne also popped by her table to say hi. In typical Spears club style, the singer changed into a new dress and shades in a club bathroom midway through the night. By 1:15 a.m., Spears left with Sims, but returned to the club a short time later after realizing she accidentally left her cell phone behind.”

This is the kind of shit that causes more interceptions, Romo. I can see it now. Next week Tony’s about to throw long to Jason Witten who’s standing wide open in the end zone waving his arms, when all of a sudden Tony remembers Friday night…

Britney suffocates him with her pizza slice shaped tits, flosses his teeth with her dreadlocks, goes in for a kiss with her freshly injected, scabby collagen lips, and worst of all, grinds all over Tony with her pantyless crotch … leaving gooey snail trails all over him which resembles a scene from Ghostbusters

Then Tony Romo hands the ball to the Eagles defense, takes off his helmet and throws up in it. But he gets $67.5 Million anyway. When asked for comment, Tony said, “I’M RICH, BEYOTCH!! Honk! Honk!”

Britney leaving court on Friday: