Lindsay Lohan is Broke, and a Joke

In the past year, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly blown $7 million and is now completely broke. Lohan’s lavish spending knew no bounds as she wasted $1 million on a year’s stay at the Chateau Marmont hotel, $70,000 on tanning, $1 million on clothes, $500,000 on partying, $350,000 on cars, and $137,000 on her three trips to rehab. Having sold her L.A. apartment and NYC flat because she couldn’t keep up with the mortgage, Lindsay is now living in the guest house of the executive producer of I Know Who Killed Me, billionaire Tom Gores. A source says:

Lindsay doesn’t have much choice as she is totally broke. The only reason she’s coming back to LA, is to earn some money fast. She still thinks nothing of blowing thousands of dollars on a single night of partying. And the amount she has wasted putting cocaine up her nose is disgusting. Even she has lost count…Rehab does not come cheap and Lindsay has spent a fortune on it this year. Her first two stays there sadly proved a complete waste of money for her. And I can’t see this time being any different.”

Man, it seems like Lindsay went through a lot of trouble. Instead of all this, Lindsay should have gone to the bank, put all her money in garbage bags, went up in a helicopter, flew over a forest fire, and dumped the bags of money out the window. I’m guessing that wouldn’t have taken as long.

Lindsay dressed as herself for Halloween last year (for no other reason than calling her a whore again):