Criss Angel is Smooth

After having sex with her the first night he met her, sources say that Criss Angel is just using Britney Spears to promote their upcoming performance at the VMAs. The pair met on August 15 and spent the night together twice in the span of two days. US reports:

He’s got a different chick in his bed every night, but he knows the power of hooking up with famous, beautiful girls like Cameron and Britney,” says an Angel pal. Is it magic? Possibly. “Criss is a magician – he knows how to do low-level hypnotism. If he ran into Britney Spears, I’m sure it was like shooting fish in a barrel,” says the friend, who doubts that the magician is in it for the long haul. “He’ll charm her for a couple weeks, get bored and drop her, probably after the VMAs.”

Oh, so that’s what it takes to have sex with Britney Spears? Magic and hypnosis? I thought it only took a low gag reflex and a round of shots.

The “beautiful” Cameron Diaz: