Dina Lohan is Getting Sued

Dina Lohan is being sued for fraud by a Las Vegas businessman who claims he lent Dina money to start Lindsay’s music career. Antonio Almeida is suing for $400,000. Page Six reports:

…the dough was used to record songs with Gloria Estefan’s husband, Emilio Estefan, who formed Miami Sound Machine. But Lindsay bolted in the middle of the sessions when she got a deal with Casablanca Records, which released her album, “A Little More Personal (Raw).” “My clients were out their money,” Hamrick said. Dina’s lawyer, David Chesnoff told The Post’s Marianne Garvey: “You mean the funds he claimed he lent her?”

Wow, I’m surprised this didn’t work. Because, really, everybody knows that investing in anything that Lindsay is involved in will be a guaranteed success. Just like dog fighting or my idea for a dance club/laser tag arena. That shit’s gonna be hot.